Preparing for birth

Top tips for birth preparation:

We recommend that women have acupuncture on a weekly basis for the 3 consecutive weeks before full-term to prepare for birthing. Research suggests that these treatments consistently:

  • reduce the average length of time in labour
  • increase the chances of women experiencing a natural efficient labour
  • contribute to reduced interventions in labour
  • encourage women to go into spontaneous labour around their due date.

Each woman is treated according to her constitution and pregnancy history, including using points, for example, to promote positioning the baby in the best presentation for labour, optimal energy levels for birthing and supporting the softening and ripening of the cervix.  We also recommend and encourage women to start resting more and to avoid stress as much as possible, as she could go into labour at any time and adrenalin (the stress hormone) suppresses oxytocin (the childbirth hormone).