Testimonials for Houri

Before I came to you I felt pretty down beat about the way things hadn’t moved forwards for me . I felt very out of control over my body. When I started coming for treatment, you gave me back control and self belief . I used to come away from treatment feeling really good and positive about everything, my body started to respond again and I felt so much better in myself . You also give such a personal approach to treatment, which is something I didn’t get through my doctor’s appointments . You always care and listen and offer individual treatment along with your expertise and brilliant skills in acupuncture. I can’t thank you enough Houri.

Emma, Brighton

You really helped me loads for the build up (to birthing), mentally and physically. Not sure how I did it but I breathed my way through it. I honestly believe the treatments added to the amazing birth we had.

Keira, Burgess Hill

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Houri for the past 8 years, whenever I feel I need a treatment because of the pain or simply as a treat.
A friend of mine recommended her to me. I didn’t know much about acupuncture and was a bit sceptical, but decided to give it a try. I initially came for lower back pain, but as Houri truly listened to my needs, concerns and was genuinely interested in my well being, she helped me heal other pain in my body such as anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.
Her treatment room has an atmosphere of peace and calming and she too has a very lovely quiet voice. This, combined with her extensive skill sets have helped me maintain a well being that I am so grateful for.

As I always said I wish I could come weekly just as a treat, as I always leave feeling better than when I walked in! I recommend Houri highly ! ”

Virginie, Brighton


After failed IVF cycles, I decided to give acupuncture a go for my next cycle. From making the first phone call to still having treatments now that I am pregnant with twins, Houri has been amazing. The treatments are very relaxing and have really helped me both physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend Houri.

Katrina, Brighton


Houri really helped me firstly recovering after an Achilles tendon operation and then regular seasonal tune ups, along with treatment required. I was always very impressed at the start of a treatment pulses were all over the place, then after the session had recovered to a normal state.

Charlie, Brighton

“An intuitive and experienced practitioner Houri offers a wealth of knowledge in the field of women’s health.
Treatment sessions are supportive and deeply relaxing, each time I experience my body returning to its natural equilibrium.
I highly recommend Houri’s services subtle and refined they work wonders!”

Emma, Brighton

Yes I can confirm that the acupuncture treatment was very pleasant and successful. Felt like a new person, all aches and pains gone. Can recommend it to all and sundry,and it doesn’t hurt!