Needle-free treatment

Thinking about having some treatment but are worried about needles? Try some Tui na – a Chinese massage technique. Tui na – along with acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi Gong- is another component of traditional Chinese Medicine. Infact, it predates acupuncture. Tui na means ‘push and grasp’ and is based the same principles of acupuncture … Read more

Should you detox in winter?

A lot of us feel motivated to undertake a detox at the beginning of january after the excesses of christmas!  However, the detoxes often include smoothies, juices, raw foods etc.  From a Chinese Medicine point of view, ideally you eat local food in season at any time of year to promote health and well-being.  What … Read more

Preparing for birth

Top tips for birth preparation: We recommend that women have acupuncture on a weekly basis for the 3 consecutive weeks before full-term to prepare for birthing. Research suggests that these treatments consistently: reduce the average length of time in labour increase the chances of women experiencing a natural efficient labour contribute to reduced interventions in … Read more

de-stress at your desk

I came by this article for ‘desk de-stressing’ as it makes reference to 2 acupuncture points. These can be stimulated by applying pressure (acupressure) to bring relief and calm. The location of the points are explained, and I tried them out, sitting at my desk, writing this blog! It works!! Try them out!

Why do you take the pulses during an acupuncture treatment?

From a Chinese Medicine viewpoint, it is considered that there are 12 energetic systems in the body. These are known by the names of the organs. They consist of: The Heart; The Small Intestine; The Bladder; The Kidneys; The Gall Bladder; The Liver; The Lungs; The Large Intestines; and two functions – the Heart Protector/Pericardium … Read more