Preparing for birthing?

Acupuncture treatments once a week from 37 weeks can help you prepare for birthing In an observational study, 169 women who received prebirth acupuncture were compared to local population rates for: gestation at onset of labour incidence of medical induction length of labour use of analgesia type of delivery Debra Betts, one of the authors … Read more

Summer in Chinese Medicine

Natural Cycles Chinese medical texts have a long history – over 2000 years old – reflecting on the nature of what it means to be human, on psychology, on the art of attaining longevity or nurturing life (yang sheng). In these early texts, the seasons were considered as a pattern for all natural cycles. They … Read more

Changing seasons – Autumn

I was inspired to share some ancient Chinese wisdom I just read about the changing of seasons and Autumn in particular. What we call ‘seasons’ are, in Chinese medicine, considered to be a certain quality of activity and movement of Qi. There is a kind of exchange and permutation, transformation with everything moving the right way… … Read more

Menopause – one of life’s gateways

According to Dr Shen (1914-2000), a modern master of Chinese medicine, menopause is one of ‘life’s gateways’. In his book, Live Well, Live Long, Peter Deadman explains that these ‘gateways’ are periods in our lives which are characterised by rapid change, and when behaviour patterns that can harm or help the body have a greater … Read more

de-stress at your desk

I came by this article for ‘desk de-stressing’ as it makes reference to 2 acupuncture points. These can be stimulated by applying pressure (acupressure) to bring relief and calm. The location of the points are explained, and I tried them out, sitting at my desk, writing this blog! It works!! Try them out!