Should you detox in winter?

A lot of us feel motivated to undertake a detox at the beginning of january after the excesses of christmas!  However, the detoxes often include smoothies, juices, raw foods etc.  From a Chinese Medicine point of view, ideally you eat local food in season at any time of year to promote health and well-being.  What … Read more

Preparing for birth

Top tips for birth preparation: We recommend that women have acupuncture on a weekly basis for the 3 consecutive weeks before full-term to prepare for birthing. Research suggests that these treatments consistently: reduce the average length of time in labour increase the chances of women experiencing a natural efficient labour contribute to reduced interventions in … Read more

Do you want to create change in your life?

Change is all that is happening, every moment of every day. I love this ancient chinese proverb “The only certain thing in life is change” According to quantum physics, matter (human beings, computers, rocks, trees, water) is formed of atoms, which consists of subatomic particles constantly moving.  It has been recognised that we affect these … Read more